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Queen’s Birthday Honours List – Fire Service Recipients.

(Taken from The Times, 8th June 2019)


Stewart Orr.   Fire & Security Team Leader; Palace of Holyroodhouse.


Paul Hancock.   Formerly, CFO Cheshire F&RS.


Veronica Adlam.   H&S Manager, Hertfordshire F&RS.

Aghia Singh.   Engineer, West Midlands F&RS. 


David Arlott.   W.Mgr, Oxfordshire F&RS.

Graham Ayres.   Ff, Northamptonshire F&RS.

William Caskey.   W.Cmdr, Magherafelt Fire Station.

Martin Lown.   Grp Cmdr, Hereford & Worcester F&RS.

George McLaughlin.   Northern Ireland F.B


Malcolm Cowie.  Formerly, W.Mgr, Kent F&RS.

Mark Hardingham.   CFO, Suffolk F&RS.

Paul Hedley.   CFO, Northumberland F&RS.

Jeremy Leonard.   Grp Mgr, Hampshire F&RS.

Joanne Stephens.   W.Mgr, Merseyside F&RS.

John Dickie.   ACO, Scottish F&RS.

John Joyce.   Area Mgr, Scottish F&RS