Executive Committee

Mrs Louise Fielding


Mr John Cox
Vice Chairperson/Webmaster

Mr John Craig


Mr Neil Wright
Honorary Auditor


Mr Brian Watts
North Area Representative

Mrs Yve Benwell
North Area Representative

Mr Glyn Moody
North Area representative

Ms Jo Riddiford
Central Area representative

Mr Vince Kimber
Central Area representative




Vacant Post
Central Area representative

Mr Ludo Macaulay MBE

South Area representative

Mr Paul Jaycock
South Area representative




Vacant Post
South Area representative

Mr Len Benwell

Non-Specific Area representative

The Executive Committee

Our Branch has no paid officials.  It is governed by an Executive Committee the members of which are elected annually at an AGM.  The AGM takes place in May or June each year.  The Branch has a President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer, and ten other elected members.

These form the Executive Committee plus a Liaison Officer who has no vote but provides a link to Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service.

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Anyone wishing to see the full Executive Committee minutes are welcome to contact the Secretary and request a copy.