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support TO NHS, Emergency Services and Armed Forces

Blue Light Card provides those in the NHS, Emergency Services and Armed Forces with discounts both online and in store.  The Blue Light Card allows small and large companies to participate in offering discounts and encourages companies in local areas to participate.

Online Discounts

There are hundreds of online discounts to help those in the Emergency Services, NHS and Armed Forces save.  Blue Light is the home of many official discounts from large national retailers and includes a wide range of offers from categories such as holidays, cars, days out, fashion, gifts, insurance, phones and many other items.  The website is free to sign up to and to use the online discounts.

The Blue Light Card

The Blue Light Card is an optional recognition card that can be used on the high street in order to obtain a discount.  Each Blue Light Card is personalised for the member and has their name, card number and expiry date on it.  A small annual charge is made for the card. Proof of service is needed before a card is issued.

For more details, go to the Blue Light website by clicking HERE

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Old Fireboat Now Involved in Educational Projects (23/05/2016)

The former London Fire Brigade fireboat, Massey Shaw, continues to lead a very useful and active life. The boat recently underwent a major restoration and refit and is now restored to the condition she was in when she was launched in 1936. The charity that owns and manages the boat has now formed an educational trust and the boat is used as a floating museum and classroom that hosts visits from schools and other organisations.  The visitors are given a presentation on how the London Fire Brigade played a very important part in the Blitz attacks of 1940 and 1941.  The contribution that the fireboat played in dealing with the resulting fires is fully explained to visitors as is the gallantry of the fireboat crew that took the Massey Shaw to take part in the Dunkirk evacuation of 1940.  New supporters of the charity are always welcome.  For more details, click here.


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