From time to time, pension related items have been published on the NEWS page and routinely removed after a fixed period.  Those items that may be of interest longer term, have been saved to this page.


After the 1st April 2016 The manor House at Potterne will close down as the Headquarters of the fire service and anyone wishing to raise a query regarding the pension paid to them under the Fireman’s pension Scheme by Wiltshire Council should do so by phoning 01722 6981470

The newly created Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service will be served by finance staff based at Five Rivers Headquarters, Five Rivers Community Health & Wellbeing Centre, Hulse Road, SALISBURY SP1 3NR

COMMUTATION – More about the Milne Case  (11/10/2015)

Before the decision on the Milne case was known, it was being circulated that those that retired on pension under the Fireman’s Pension Scheme between 1998 and 2008 were likely to be entitled for an additional commutation payment.  It now appears that this was misleading.  The critical dates are 1st December 2001 and 21st August 2006 and it is only those retired firefighters that took commutation between these dates that are eligible for a top-up payment.  These should be receiving written notification soon.  The widows of deceased firefighters that retired during the above mentioned period will also qualify for additional commutation.


Despite having taken a militant stand to try to fight off changes to the pensions scheme that applies to them, it is claimed that FBU members will fair very badly when the reform of the pension scheme is enforced. The National Institute of Economic & Social Research has published its calculations that firefighters can expect 50% less in retirement. The police will be almost as badly treated and teachers and NHS staff will be 28% worse off. In contrast the NIESR claims that civil servants and local councillors can expect higher pay outs due to their negotiators having been more successful than those working on behalf of firefighters, teachers and NHS staff. In response, the Treasury spokesman said: We are determined to deliver a fair deal for taxpayers, which is why we’ve reformed public sector pensions and ended the unfair final salary schemes that disproportionately benefit high earners.


Here is an update on the issue of fire pensions, in particular, the claim being made that those that joined the Fireman’s Pension Scheme when aged between 18 and 20 were made to pay pension contributions unlawfully. There has been significant progress because the Government has conceded that those mentioned above should be compensated.  What remains to be decided and agreed is the how and when of the compensatory payments. There is a strong belief that those considering this matter are using the Local Government Pension Scheme as a guide and in the case of that scheme pension contributions cease after 45 years service.  If this is adopted as a guide for compensation, many retired fire pensioners should be eligible for a recalculation of pension and commutation that may lead to back payment as compensation.